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Parent Expresses Gratitude for Child’s Changes

​​​Parents who have completed Boys Town South Florida’s Common Sense Parenting® classes often express their gratitude and satisfaction with the program through letters to our site. The following letter is a wonderful testimonial to how CSP’s positive ​approach to parenting can ​build healthier parent-child relationships and help create caring, nurturing homes.

"I am writing in praise for Common Sense Parenting classes. They have changed my life. Before I met Rebecca Harley, I was having battles with my 12 year old child. Six weeks later, my son and I are​ getting along. He no longer swears at me or tries to physically intimidate me.

I owe these changes to Rebecca. She truly believes in the solutions presented. From the first week, I started giving my son both negative and positive consequences. He really opened up to me, because I was no longer acting as if I were a dictator in the kingdom of my home.

The simple act which Rebecca taught me of giving kid friendly reasons for teaching and preventing negative behaviors has worked. Instead of saying, "stop the attitude", I explain to him that losing his temper means that his friends won't like to be around him like that. When I explain his negative and positive consequences, he looks at his own behavior, instead of just yelling back at me yelling at him.

Today Brian Heck, Mikey's Boys Town case manager came for a visit. He was astonished that Mikey seemed like a different child. When Mikey's dad asked him to stop playing his computer game, he said "Okay" and did it. Before, he would have yelled at us or stormed out.

The book that Rebecca uses, published by Boys Town, ​​should be a number one bestseller. The examples used to change your approach to children are so down to Earth and specific to the skill in the chapter. I couldn't put the book down. ​I read it in a week. Going to the classes taught even more​ examples of what to do. Rebecca has demonstrated over and over how to ​deal with your children.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experiences with Common Sense Parenting and Rebecca Harley."

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