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About Boys Town New York

​​​Opened in 1990, Boys ​Town New York offers hope and healing to troubled children and families through a variety of programs within its Integrated Continuum of Care​®. Boys Town New York serves a culturally diverse population of adolescents from all five boroughs of New York City. Most of our children enter Boys Town services through New York City Administration for Children’s Services. Through its services and programs, Boys Town has touched the lives of over 63,000 children and families in New York City.

Our mission statement reflects the organization’s strong commitment to youth and families: Changing the way America cares for children, families and communities by providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that instills Boys Town values to strengthen body, mind and spirit. This Integrated Continuum of Care is unique to Boys Town and enables us to deliver the right care at the right time to troubled children and families that are edging toward crisis. As children and families make progress (or fail to make progress) at one level, they can move to other levels that better fit their needs, without having to start over and within the same model of care.

Programs within our Continuum include our Intervention and Assessment Homes, in which we assess youths' needs and provide short-term residential interventions during crisis situations. For families that are at risk for having a child removed from the home, we offer In-Home Family ServicesSM. In this program, Family Consultants work in the home with family members to help make the home safe and solve problems. We provide In-Home Family Services SM to these youths’ families in order to shorten the time a youth is separated from his family and to increase support the family already receives. Boys Town also has a number of Community Support ServicesSM, which include the Boys Town National Hotline ® and our Resources for Parents section of our website.

Boys Town has a long history of serving as an excellent steward of our donor support. Charity Navigator, one of the nation’s largest and most-respected charity rating systems, has awarded Boys Town its highest rating for the sound management of its finances. We are very strongly positioned to continue to save children and heal families in ​New York.

Boys Town New York is headquartered in New York City. Jon Jelley serves as the Executive Director.