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Strengthening Our Schools

Bill Reardon
Executive Director
Boys Town New England

"Thank you for taking the time to read about the Boys Town Educational Model SM. As a Rhode Island resident and Executive Director of Boys Town New England, I am well aware of the challenges confronting our educators. Students are often disruptive and disrespectful to teachers and are not prepared to learn when they come to class. Other students struggle to pay attention or don’t know basic skills necessary to function within an educational environment. These students are at risk of failure, not because they can’t learn, but they don’t know how to practice basic study skills and pro-social skills that will help them to succeed. Boys Town programs can help."

Bill Reardon

Since 1979, Boys Town has been providing training and program development services to educators, schools and districts. For more information on how Boys Town can help your school, please visit our Ed​ucator area.