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Strengthening Schools and Our Community

Dennis Dillon

Dennis Dillon
Executive Director
Boys Town Louisiana

“Here at Boys Town, we believe that strong schools and social support are critical to the success of children and families. As the Executive Director of Boys Town Louisiana, I’m well aware of the challenges facing our educators. Parent involvement is difficult to foster. Students who once came to school prepared to learn are now arriving lacking basic skills necessary to function successfully within the educational environment. Others are disruptive, disrespectful or are not prepared to learn when they come to class.

We can help. Our model has been shown to increase student time-on-task and provide faculty with a whole school approach to classroom management. I firmly believe that, by working together, we can provide a stronger network of support to children and families in our community.”
- Dennis Dillon

Since 1979, Boys Town has been providing training and program development services to educators, schools and districts. For more information on how Boys Town can help your school, please visit our Educ​ator area.