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Boys Town Youth Receive Cash for Grades

Boys Town Youth Get Cash for Grades

A primary goal of Boys Town is to engage students academically and motivate them to achieve high academic standing, and one Boys Town California partnership has found one of the best motivations of all: Cash.

Jim and Robin McInnis's passion for Boys Town began when their daughter Amanda befriended a Boys Town youth on her soccer team. One day when Amanda asked if her friend could come over, the McInnis' wanted to speak with the young girl's parents to make sure they were OK with her coming over to their house. When Amanda replied that her friend didn't have any parents it was the first time the McInnis' learned more about the fostered youth who were placed in the system due to severe abuse and neglect. The McInnis parents realized that their daughter's friend and many more were not allowed the same privileges as their daughter, and this moment led to their partnership with Boys Town.

Wanting to make a direct impact, Jim and Robin started the Cash for Grades program to encourage kids to do well in school and strive for greatness. With a total of 32 A's and 5 first time A's, 46 B's, and 21 C's, Mr. and Mrs. McInnis continued their yearly tradition and proudly gave their money to the kids as a reward  for doing their very best in school. This Cash for Grades program typically includes a dinner or activity, such as bowling, golf lessons or a boat ride before the award ceremony where students get cash and a medal.

"One of our Family Home kids, Jonathan, got up and thanked Mr. and Mrs. McInnis for encouraging them to do better in school," said Breanna Selzer, Boys Town California Development Coordinator. "He stated that it's not about the money, it's about getting good grades, moving to the next grade and to be able to graduate high school with the hope of one day going to college." Also following the ceremony was a speech from Billy Blanks, who overcame struggles caused by his learning disability and founded the famous work out video TaeBo.

Just as Jim and Robin are proud of the students for growing and getting some of the best grades to date, Boys Town is proud to have Mr. and Mrs. McInnis as community partners who are passionate and dedicated to our mission.