Donation Helps Family Sleep Better

When Erin Dittman, Boys Town Nebraska/Iowa Family Consultant, walked into the Jones’ home she immediately noticed that the there was only one bed for mom, grandma and the three boys.

The boys, age 10, 14 and 18, were sleeping on blankets on the living room floor. Throughout the summer, there were several shootings in the area and Dittman feared for them sleeping in the living room next to the front windows. It became obvious to Dittman that the home was not comfortable for the family. One of the boys would even run away from home to stay with friends for a few days. She immediately took action.

Thanks to private donations she gathered on her own time through her social network, Dittman was able to give the Jones family two beds, a sofa sleeper, a recliner, a few chairs and a television. “I felt that it would be an opportunity to meet an important need for the family’s comfort level at home,” said Dittman.

“Erin is a fantastic Family Consultant who frequently ‘goes the extra mile’ for families. Erin’s prior experience as a Family Teacher has taught her it takes a village to raise a child. Erin takes this message seriously and strives to improve families lives by building positive social networks which support these families even after Boys Town leaves their homes,” said Kate Shadoan, Director of the IHFS Program for Boys Town Nebraska/Iowa.

Supervisor Sarah Koley, Family Consultants Leonard Mathias and Brittney Norton; and Dittman delivered the furniture to the Jones’ home on September 3 and 4, much to the excitement and surprise of the family.

After using borrowed pick-ups to deliver the Jones’ furniture, the group continued assisting families by delivering a couch, kitchen table/chairs and a dresser to a family who had lost their furniture after becoming homeless in July.

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