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It's prom time at Boys Town as the ​​Kavanaugh's girls busy themselves trying on ​dresses and getting ready for the big night. For many, it's their first formal social event.

Current Episode: Prom


Previous Episodes

Episode 6: Ireland

The Kavanaughs and Jennifer, ​one of girls in their home, had the incredible opportunity to attend a ​conference in Ireland. Their visit opened Jennifer’s eyes to a wider world as she experienced the country of Boys Town founder Father Flanagan’s birth.


Episode 5: Holidays

For many Boys Town youth, their first Christmas or birthday​ in a Boys Town Family Home will be their first true family celebration ever. Take a peek inside the Kavanaugh's home as their girls celebrate a very special Holiday season.


Episode 4: Dinner

Mealtime at the Kavanaugh Family ​Home is more than just a time to eat – it’s also a time for learning and connecting with ​one another. From teaching social skills and manners to discussing news and important topics, the Kavanaughs and their girls make dinnertime meaningful.


Episode 3: Mayor

The Kavanaughs get political, as one of their own runs for mayor of Boys Town. Watch and ​enjoy as the whole house pulls together to support young Jen in her run for this historic and coveted title.


Episode 2: Okoboji

The Kavanaughs take their kids to Boys Town’s lakeside cabin at Okoboji in Northwestern Iowa. The days are filled with swimming, boating and sunshine as these kids take a well-deserved summertime break — for many, the first one they’ve ever experienced.


Episode 1: Introduction

Meet Boys Town Family-Teachers Scott and Kim Kavanaugh, their two daughters and the six girls they're mentoring. Get to know this unique family as you take a sneak peek inside their home.


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